Tunisie – Des mesures pour lutter contre le vol de bagages à l’aéroport de Tunis

Mohamed Lassâad Mrabet, président directeur général de l’Office de l’aviation civile et des aéroports, a déclaré aujourd’hui, 26 avril 2015, que plusieurs mesures ont été prises pour mettre fin au …

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0 comments for “Tunisie – Des mesures pour lutter contre le vol de bagages à l’aéroport de Tunis

  1. Tounssi :p
    30 octobre 2011 at 23 h 14 min

    Hey americain people,
    I am Tunisian, we are with you to do a revolution against Obama, and this article is with obama, and we hate dectators and we are not jocking, we are remembering the time spend on our revolution, and wake up cauz obama is also a dictator, open your eyes te the reality and help your brothers in wall street!
    Yes For revolution, no for Dectators !

  2. marwaaa
    31 octobre 2011 at 1 h 40 min

    it would be really great if we tunisians started stating sources when we copy/paste other people’s work 😉

  3. salim bahri
    31 octobre 2011 at 3 h 48 min

    hahaha you forgot another one ; obama says to his ppl : we will creep with million ppl to Cleansing america room romm house house zenga zenga :p

  4. tunisian
    31 octobre 2011 at 3 h 56 min

    acctually don’t worry we are comning from the internet 😉

  5. cyrina
    31 octobre 2011 at 7 h 45 min

    we are not jooking

    Tunisian people denounce violations against the American people by the security forces, which affect the freedom of expression

    Tunisian people are calling the U.S. authorities to respect freedom of expression and not to resort repression and assault on the rights of American citizens

  6. king_nad
    31 octobre 2011 at 10 h 18 min

    I would like to see Craig Ferguson’s reaction, the most american « nabbar »

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